Marshique Air Heated Electric Eyelash Curler

Marshique Air Heated Electric Eyelash Curler


Marshique Air Heated Electric Eyelash Curler No Damage Mascara Fix Long Lasting Curl Extension & Sift Care USB Chargeable

  • [World’s First Eyelash Dryer] Moisture of mascara can cause lashes to go down! It instantly fixes mascara with a warm air dryer to complete strong eyelash curling that does not smudge or droop. Marshique Magic Lash was patented.
  • [24hrs Long-Lasting Curl & Reduce Cuticle Damage] Since it is a dryer with warm air and not a hot iron, there is no risk of burns or eyelashes getting burned like a curling iron that directly touches the eyelashes. (Tested: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences).
  • [Silicone Brush] Made of soft silicone that can curl detail areas where eyelash curlers are hard to reach. Because of its safe silicone material, it is very convenient to clean and maintain.
  • [USB Charging Method] Easily be charged with a USB cable. It can last up to one month on a full charge.
  • [Available for Extended Eyelashes and Perm Eyelashes] The extended eyelashes can be managed by wind and combing. Dry the remaining moisture after washing your face to maintain the elongated eyelashes and eyelash perm for a long time.


S/N– Payment on Delivery option only available for Residents in Lagos and incur a 10% additional insurance charge.

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